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About the Company

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A Team of Experts

אלה בן נון Ella Ben Nun
Ella Ben Nun
Founder & CEO
Shmulik Beja
Deputy CEO
Miron Even Nir
Cluster Manager
Hanan Kola
Head Engineer
Izak Harsat
Director of Planning and Licensing

About the Company

EBN is an agile, professional and dynamic company. We provide management and engineering supervision services in a variety of construction projects while scrupulously maintaining quality, professionalism and service.

The company assists in leading statutory processes and in planning changes. We improve execution processes, enhance efficiency, make financial savings and improve the end product to the complete satisfaction of the buyer.

The Vision

To partner in creating a quality living environment that truly serves all its users well into the future.

We understand that our fingerprint will continue to be present in the projects we construct for many years after everyone involved in their creation has been forgotten.
The market sees the value in our unique contribution, in the quality of service we provide as well as in the quality of the finished product. Indeed, our clients receive a product that fully matches their toughest requirements after working together through an efficient, professional and pleasant process. Our business partners appreciate the collaborative work which is expressed in mutual fertilization of ideas and collegial friendships.

For our employees, the company serves as a home – a place in which they can express themselves and their creativity. A place of personal and professional development and fulfillment, without a glass ceiling.

Quality Management

In a process as complex as construction, there will always be inconsistencies. It’s as well to remember that the quality of project execution is not measured by the number of inconsistencies found in a project, but by the amount of time that elapses between the defect occurring and its discovery, as well as by the degree of repetitions of the defect (or simply put, defects found on the second floor should not be repeated on the higher floors).

Human Capital

EBN’s uniqueness is embodied in our excellent personnel. We are proud to employ leading engineers and architects in the industry and have created a top quality and professional group of people. Together, we have raised the banner on quality without compromise and we base our management processes on values of integrity.

Contributing to the Community

An integral part of our ethos relates to contributing to the community. Two days every year we do volunteering work in the community as a company, where our employees are the ones who choose the nature of the volunteering.
We’ve adopted a tradition of giving as part of preserving internal organizational loyalty and we’ve adopted values of family and mutual responsibility among our employees. We also have joint fun days and activity days for employees and families.
Last year, we adopted a common hobby that’s pulling in all of our employees.

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