The staff of the firm, headed by Ella Ben Nun, is one of the best available. Eyal Cohen, Chief Engineer, Electra Construction

Throughout the project, we have seen time and time again that Ella Ben Nun Construction Management is a dedicated, reliable and professional company with very high standards. Ron Avidan, CEO, Ofer Investments

We see extraordinary professionalism, proficiency, responsiveness and service, both in comparison with the Israeli market and the international market. Dudi Harely, Assistant General Manager, Afcon Holdings Ltd.

Ella Ben Nun sets a very high standard for project management and our recommendation is given happily.  Avi Sheffer, CEO, Israel Towers

Our firm appreciates the way in which Ella Ben Nun leads the projects in a moral, dedicated and professional manner. Rachel Feller, Architect, Yaski Mor Sivan Architects

I have no doubt that this office (EBN) is one of the leading firms in the field of project management and we recommend Ella Ben Nun for complex projects in any construction discipline. Israel David, CEO, David Engineers

I would like to point out the good project management system, a quality service company that takes care of all the engineering details in accordance with their commitment and beyond. Meir Simcha, Director of Engineering and Planning, Azorim

Her (Ella Ben Nun) commitment to us as a customer was absolute even after the building was completed, and we needed her services to finalize unresolved issues with the various contractors. Yinon Engel, CEO, Yedioth Ahronoth Newspaper

EBN oversees a large number of large-scale projects in office planning, with great professionalism and dedication. Gidi Bar Orian, CEO, Bar Orian Architects Ltd.

Ella Ben Nun Management is a leading and experienced company in the field of project management, characterized by a high level of professionalism and personal & warm approach. Elad Yehuda, CEO, YA Yashar Architect 

I am confident that under your management we will be able to bring the mega-project into safe shores, and to the satisfaction of all parties. Sivan Berkowitz, CEO, Sivan Execution 

We strongly recommend Ella Ben Nun Construction Management  for the management of complex projects such as the “Tnufa” project. Engineer Yaakov Sufrin, engineering manager, Sufrin Projects Ltd.

The company has the ability to bridge relationships between the customer and the contractor, which is prominent as a result of EBN employing professional and humane workers, which make the construction process more pleasant. Samer Kardosh, VP Engineering, BST Construction Ltd.

The ability of the company (EBN) to manage conflicts and bring all parties to a compromise in good spirit, has greatly helped to conclude the success of the project. Tzipi Sofer, Vice President of Engineering, Electra Construction 

The services of the company you established are professional, reliable and above all, with great human relations. Yinon Shafran, CEO, Shafran Properties and Investments 

Ella Ben Nun Construction Management works at the highest professional level with efficiency, innovation and high level of service. Architect Yoav Aumann, Partner, Tito Oman Architects

As part of our joint work, we have come to recognize the high level of professionalism, the precise management of the staff, and the extraordinary human relations that the company manages to instill in both the consultants and the customer. Architect Kika Braz, Owner / CEO, Kika Braz Architects and Town Planners Ltd.

We strongly recommend that she (Ella Ben Nun) be included as a project manager for every entrepreneur. Eitan Harel, CEO, H.R.V.A.C Engineering Planning and Consulting Ltd.

From our knowledge of the market, the company is among top project management companies and it is a pleasure to work with them. Shai Nahari, Owner, Sela Nahari Engineers & Consultants Ltd.

Ella Ben Nun Construction Management is a professional, reliable and honest company. We had the pleasure of working together on the project and would be happy to cooperate in future projects. Alon Solkin, owner / CEO, S. Alon Investment & Construction Ltd.

We are convinced that the management services of the company create real added value for customers who understand that they have a reliable partner. The company manages the consultants team in a wise and successful manner and bring it to a qualitative conclusion while meeting deadlines and budgets. Engineer Rafi Cohen, Electricity and Automation Engineering Consultants

It is clear that the company’s employees and managers are highly experienced in the field and have a very high level of service awareness, and therefore Ela Ben-Nun Construction Management is commendable for its professional and efficient work. Tal Gerson, VP, Yuvalim Group

I would like to express my great appreciation to your team, which is professional, skilled and highly experienced in managing planning and supervision processes, while understanding the project’s engineering processes required and protecting the interests of customers. Ilan Karshin, owner, Kershin Electrical Consultants Engineers Ltd.

We would like to mention the quality of the management provided in the project’s framework and the excellent human relations. Chen and Itai Gindi, owners, Chen and Itai Israel Ltd.