The combination of professional engineering management and an emotional connection create a unique experience of collaboration. Each project becomes part of the company’s long-term DNA-chain which is the benefit of the end-user.

Providing the entire scope of services required to manage and supervise the planning, contracting and construction of projects according to the client’s requirements, plans, specifications, budget and schedule.  Throughout the project, a monthly executive summary is presented to the client at management meetings on a regular basis.


  • Set into motion administrative procedures.
  • Assist defining procedures and activate a central computerized system for all information.
  • Determine budgetary, monitoring and reporting principals.
  • Set tracking and schedule reporting principles.
  • Prepare guidelines for a work plan.
  • Preliminary actions: Careful study of the site and its surroundings, infrastructure surveys as well as environmental and historical surveys.
  • Formulate the planning program.
  • Appoint an architect, planners and consultants.

of Planning
and Licensing

  • Accompany the planning coordination process with the architect and consultants.
  • Execute Value Engineering and Design Review throughout the planning period.
  • Centralize execution costs.
  • Coordinate, consult and check consultants' specifications at all stages.
  • Accompany the licensing processes until obtaining a building permit for execution including: outline plans, design plans and the split of permits as required.
  • Manage schedules.
  • Supervise and prepare sales documents.
  • Manage client's decisions, threats and risks.


  • Advise clients on the preferred contractor agreement option and the manner in which the tender is best to be presented.
  • Sort contractors and suppliers and prepare tender requests.
  • Manage the preparation of contractual material, including insurance, legal, professional and engineering content.
  • Advise in the preparation of a "Zero Report" for banks or other financial institutions.
  • Assist in the negotiation process until the contractor / contractors are selected.
  • Handle contract administration.


  • Site supervision during construction work.
  • Budget management during execution stage.
  • Prepare detailed reports to the client on the progress of execution.
  • Manage ongoing meetings during execution stage.
  • Implement a quality assurance system during execution.
  • Track and manage schedules.
  • Inspect and approve contractors' invoices based on agreements.
  • Arrange consultant's on-site execution supervision meetings.
  • Deliver completeed project to the customer and accompany the occupancy stage.


  • Receive the project from the contractors.
  • Handle the completion of contracts.
  • Receive assurances and construction journals from the contractor.
  • Receive testimony programs.
  • Advise the customer during the inspection year.
  • Oversee the refit of defects during inspection year.