About the Project

The construction of a new private community on approx. 80 Dunam adjacent to “Ha’Sira” interchange in Herzliya.
The community includes 600 residential units in two blocks, approx. 50,000 Sq.M. commercial, offices and a residential sports club.


Managerial Team


 ILS – Construction cost


Months for the completion of construction


Months of planning

The Challenge

  • Conversation of a waste site to a desirable neighborhood
  • Releasing height restrictions to add floors for residential units as well as offices
  • 40 apartment types of non-standard construction
  • Construction management of split contractors: 11 sub-contractors for the residential units and 7 sub-contractors for the commercial area.
  • Conversion of an outdoor dry-handing Spanish coating system and direct management of the importation and implementation of this system.
  • Managing of a multi system, multi-use and many contractors simultaneously on all lots under one management team.

Environmental Contribution

Clearing of a large waste site used by the City of Herzliya for the use of constructing a new neighborhood. Cleaning contaminated earth and gases,  monitoring and implementing all protection work required to obtain a final approval from the Environmental Protection unit.