About the Project

The construction of two office towers, 32 and 36 stories high, above a retail floor and underground parking levels. A total area of approx. 165,000 Sq.M. on Jabotinsky street in Petah Tikva.


Sq.M Built area


ILS – Construction cost


Months for the construction completion of the first tower


Months from land purchase until commencement of construction work

The Challenge

  • Construction commencement under tight deadlines
  • Completion of execution planning in conjunction with the contractor to meet tight schedule and project budget
  • Obtaining execution permits due to multiple site soil contaminations
  • Construction adjacent to the Teva Assia plant, an active pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, to prevent encumbrance during construction, while monitoring dust, seismological and vibration of laboratory equipment
  • Coping with stringent environmental safety restrictions of distances from hazardous substances within the pharmaceutical facility

Environmental Contribution

The regeneration of a site with heavy soil pollution, and the purification of groundwater, that was contaminated by the neighboring plant. Completion of all necessary environmental work until the final approval of the Environmental Protection Unit.