Our fingerprint will continue to accompany all completed projects for many years after all those who were involved in the building process have completed their work. Our responsibility is great.


Ella Ben Nun Construction Management company is a fast paced, dynamic and professional company. We provide management and engineering supervision services for a vast range of construction projects, while maintaining high standards, professionalism and customer service as highest priority in all areas of activity.
The company leads statutory processes and plan changes to improve execution procedures, streamline efficiency and cost saving to improve the overall product to the customer’s full satisfaction.

A Team

of Experts

The company is inclusive of professional engineers and architects. A quality and experienced group of people, who provide an above expected service.
A commando unit of excellent people who love what they do, take responsibility for every project and are strict about uncompromising professionalism. The company has a training program with strict internal management methodology.


To be partners in creating a quality living environment that truly serves all its users over time. We understand that our fingerprint will continue to accompany the completed projects many years after all those involved in the project will be forgotten.

The market sees value in our unique contribution, quality of service and quality of finished product.
Customers receive a product that meets their high standards in an effective, efficient, professional and pleasant process.
The partners in the industry value the joint work through mutual synergy and congenial friendship.
For employees, the company serves as a home, a place for self-expression and creativity. A place for personal & professional fulfillment and development without a glass ceiling.

Quality Management

In such a complex construction process, discrepancies will always occur. The project's execution quality is not measured by the amount discrepancies in the project, but by the time laps from the time the discrepancy occurred to the time they are discovered and so these discrepancies can be fixed quickly and not repeated again in the remaining of the project.

Ella Ben Nun Construction Management bases the quality management processes on the following 5 principles:

  1. Quality Plan is a roadmap for the project manager and the supervisor. All tasks required by the management team are integrated to the quality plan during the implementation phases of the project. Critical approval milestones, quality control points, milestones involving planners and consultants, lab testing, milestones for client’s approval and other required task for attaining final approval.
  2. Job Specs – For each of the 25 categories of work, according to specs of work and materials and applicable execution standards.
  3. Progressive Control Process in which the sampling scope is adapted the execution quality throughout the life of the project.
  4. Ongoing Analysis of quality control findings to examine reoccurring in various sectors.
  5. Quality Management – Examining the effectiveness of the contractor’s control system.

Ella Ben Nun Construction Management’s dedicated tools

Ella Ben Nun Construction Management company implements My Control system based on Microsoft CRM Dynamics. This Quality Control allows for controlling based on the quality assurance plan according to the project’s stages, milestones, as predetermined by the project manager. The company has quality assurance methodology for all management levels: supervisor, project managers, team lead and management. The “Control Panel” allows the entire management team through computerized data in the CRM system. Quality information is displayed using metrics that provide information in different sections.


Ella Ben Nun


Amir Patir

Managing Partner

Guy Yagen

Team Leader

Shmulik Beja

Team Leader

Tal Kimhi

Team Leader

Team of Experts

The uniqueness of the firm is embodied in our exemplary team, which is made up of leading engineers and architects in the industry. A quality professional group that has established uncompromising quality and values ​​of integrity in the management process.

Community Contribution

An integral part of our concept speaks of contributing to the community. Two days a year, the company volunteers for community activities.  We have adopted a tradition of giving as part of maintaining intra-organizational loyalty, and we have adopted values ​​of family and genuine mutual responsibility between our employees.